Shaman Events
Provide Training and Practice
In Shamanism And Journeying

Shaman Events include Drumming Circles, Healing Circles, Shamanism Workshops, Classes and Events that I offer throughout the year.

Please return often to see what's been added!

Judy Lynn's Spirit At Work

Each time we enter the Circle, We Heal
Each time we enter the Circle,
We Bring Healing To Mother Earth

For more general information about shamanism and the shamanic journey see the page ~ FAQ.

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Visit Adventures In Shamanism on Facebook for a wide variety of related topics and videos! This is a great resource and very entertaining.

Shamanic Drumming & Journey Circles

Original Art by Delisse Vargas

In-Depth Shamanism

In-Depth Shamanism is an ongoing Drumming Circle where we go deep into our shamanic practice.  More information.

The Shamanic Drumming and Journey Circles are designed to give students and practitioners of shamanism a place to journey and meet with like-minded people.

The Circles are open to all interested persons.

Bring a drum or rattle if you have one and a bandanna.

For more information please see Drumming Circle.

You may also Contact me with any questions you may have.

Shaman Camp

Two Shaman Camps in 2013 Were scheduled!

For 2013 we are offering BOTH a regular Shaman Camp for fun and community AND The Shaman and Nature Workshop.  Please see the following pages for detailed information on these two camps:

The Shaman and Nature Workshop

Shaman Camp 2013

Photos of Shaman Camp 2013

In 2008 we held the First Shaman Camp in the High Sierras as one of our Shaman Events. See Shaman Camp 2008.

For more information on the 2013 Camps, please Contact Me.

Spirit Ways Movie Circle

The Movie Circle is an evening of sharing films with either shamanic and/or spiritual content. Why? Because I like you! And I would like to share films with a spiritual or uplifting message with friends who would like to get together. We can have some fun and strengthen our community and friendships at the same time.

Films will be shown on the first Friday of each month in Sacramento. Contact me by email or phone (below) for location or more information.

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Drumming Circle
Elk Grove, CA

Welcome to In-Depth Shamanism, the Elk Grove Drumming Circle.

More Information

Shaman Camps

For an Experiential Workshop in the High Sierras,
this workshop combines the best of the Drumming Circle and Camping!

Please see The Shaman and Nature and Shaman Camp for more information.

Click to register for Camps.

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