Shaman Camp 2008

In 2008 the Drumming Circle held its First Annual Shaman Camp in the High Sierras. We gathered at a Group Camp at French Meadows in the Tahoe National Forrest – about 2 hours drive from Sacramento.

The Plan

Create a Camp-out for people interested in Shamanism somewhere away from “it all” where we could drum beneath the stars and journey to the Spirits surrounded by tall trees and warmed by a crackling fire.

Everyone was to bring their own camping gear and food. The idea was for everyone to bring a dish for a potluck dinner on Friday night, and then we would all be responsible for our own food for the rest of the weekend. I supplied the charcoal for the BBQ so that people could cook whatever they wanted.

The reality was that we all brought so much food that every meal became a potluck with everyone sharing what they brought. We ate – and ate – and ate. But then you always feel hungrier when out in the wild! It was wonderful!

We had no lack of BBQ experts to fill the kitchen area with outrageous aromas!!

BBQ Expert Doug

BBQ Expert Steve

Must Have Coffee

This is what you do when you have beans, a tin can for boiling coffee - but no coffee grinder.

You go native!

Granite Coffee Grinder
Hey It Worked

The entrance to the Camp Kitchen was hung with prayer flags to send our gratitude out on the wind.

Our Spacious Dining Room

Game Time!

Cold Water!

In 2013 we will be returning to French Meadows for two different camps. Details are in the right column above. Hope you can join us.

To see photos of our shaman Camp 2009  click here.

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Shaman Camps

For an Experiential Workshop in the High Sierras,
this workshop combines the best of the Drumming Circle and Camping!

Please see The Shaman and Nature and Shaman Camp for more information.

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