Shamanic Practitioner
Offers Healing of Spirit

Hi I'm Judy

If You Yearn to Feel At Peace

Receiving shamanic healing from a shamanic Practitioner can bring your spirit body into harmony – a harmony that radiates through your entire Mind-Body-Spirit being. With soul retrieval, soul loss can be restored.  With Extraction Healing, your spirit body is cleansed of 'other' energies.  And with a complete healing program, your feeling of balance can be restored.

Have you been bouncing around from healer to healer looking for help? Many people try different methods for healing of spirit before giving shamanism a try.

Shamanic healing can offer answers to:

  • Why am I stuck?
  • How can I satisfy this spiritual hunger?
  • Why do I hurt?
  • Where can I go for help?

Journeying and healing together give you spiritual support to navigate life in this complex time. As you begin your Adventures In Shamanism, you learn:

  • How to get the answers to your questions about life.
  • How to get relief from negativity.
  • And how shamanic healing helps you to feel strong and happy.

If You Feel Spiritually Lost

Learning to journey gives you a way to go directly to your spirit helpers for the answers to life’s nagging questions. No more floundering in a sea of confusion. You have a source for answers that is always available. You become the Shamanic Practitioner.

The beauty of the journey is that it goes straight to the solution. Journeying is not hoping or waiting for an answer to come. Journeying goes directly to someone who wants to help – your spirit ally.

You are welcome to join me in workshops where you can begin to learn the journey or deepen and expand your abilities.

Shamanic healing and personal shamanic practice are gaining a following as interest in shamanism in America today grows. I welcome you to Adventures In Shamanism, a site where you can explore shamanism intellectually and get a feeling for shamanism as a way for you.

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Drumming Circle
Elk Grove, CA

Welcome to the Elk Grove Drumming Circle.

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Shaman Camp

For an Experiential Workshop in the High Sierras,
this workshop combines the best of the Drumming Circle and Camping!

July 27th-July 31st

More info will be posted soon.

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