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I had not considered myself a Shamanic Pet Healer or Pet Psychic nor had I made animals a focus of my practice until my friends started asking me: “You’ve helped me, can you help my pet?

I soon learned that the same Shamanic Healing modalities work for animals as well as for humans.

At first it was an experiment for me as I hadn’t studied animal healing. So as with any question that arises ~ I journeyed on it.

The Spirit Allies directed me to treat an animal exactly as I would a human.

First we do the Divination journey so that I can understand what is going on with the pet on the spirit level. This is where pet communication can occur as in the shamanic state of consciousness I ask the animal’s spirit and its spirit helpers what is going on with little Fido?

The animal’s Spirit and Spirit Allies will then together tell me in words or pictures what its condition is, what happened to it and what healing is needed. You can refer to the Shamanic Healing page for the various modalities.

The Spirit Of A Dog
Hit By A Car
Spilt In Two

When I was asked to be the shamanic pet healer for a dog that had been hit by a car, I saw when I journeyed for it that its spirit had fractured into two distinct little doggie spirits. The owner reported that since the trauma the dog had become aggressive to visitors to the point of biting. The owner felt she had to put him in the bedroom when guests arrived for safety. Before the accident the dog had been friendly to the family’s guests.

The healing that the Spirits directed we perform included a Soul Retrieval

and a Power Animal Retrieval.

The Healing, in this case, was performed at a distance in Non-Ordinary Reality. The fractured doggie spirit was restored and made whole first. Then I journeyed with my “expert Tracker” Power Animal to find a Power Animal for the dog. See Restoring Power.

The Power Animal we found for him was a wolf. Wolf came to share “wolfish” power with the pet dog so that he would not go into fear with strangers. With the help of Wolf and with his soul part restored, the dog was able to feel confident, understand that guests were safe and stopped his aggressive behavior.

Also, to allow time for the soul parts to become integrated and the Power Animal to do his job, the Spirits requested that the dog be given a very peaceful environment and not be put into a situation where he might be scared again for about 30 days – i.e. keep him away from strangers long enough for his confidence in himself to return and the bad habit to fade away.

The dogs being punished for trying to nip a guest had just increased his fear and prevented his healing.

The result was he returned to being a loving family pet and no more nipping. Also, I got my first taste of dog communication and spiritual healing.

Testimonial from Happy Dog Owner

Hi Judy:
I just wanted to let you know that Toby is doing really well. About 5 weeks after the journeying/soul retrieval that you and the power animals and spirit helpers did, he had a big turnaround. He's robust and healthy and well and full of good energy! His chemo treatments are continuing and we'll see how things go, but right now, OH MY GOSH, it's so wonderful and incredible to have my boy healthy and happy and here with me! Thank you! ~~N.F., Sacramento~~

Injured Filly
Regains Her Playfulness
And Ability To Run

A few years ago I was asked to help in healing a 3-month old filly that had an injured leg. Grownup and trained properly she could have been a $25,000 cutting horse from Champion lines and now she was hobbling around in misery.

A veterinarian had told the owner he didn’t know how the leg had become injured and it was just a “wait and see” situation. The owner’s brother, also a shamanic practitioner, and I were asked to help if we could.

In my Divination journey for the foal, I saw that she had been pastured with several mare/foal pairs. Her Mom and another mare had had a difference of opinion and in the ensuing argument between the two half-ton Moms, the little filly had been hurt.

I was then instructed by the Spirits to perform a Soul Retrieval for her and to find and return her Power Animal. I did the Soul Retrieval and then went hunting with my Spirit Ally for the perfect Power Animal for a little filly.

You can laugh, but the Power Animal I was directed to was an “Old Gray Mare.” She was the matriarch of a herd of wild mustangs during her life on Earth ~ the perfect ally for a weak and injured little filly. The Old Gray Mare was the epitome of psychical strength, of horse “Knowing” of how to be in the world and of gentle, grounded emotional support for her.

The filly needed courage and confidence that she could be a big strong, wise horse when she grew up. The day after the healing work, the owner reported that in same the evening that we did the healing work he saw the little filly actually run a bit and prance playfully around like happy little foals should.

With her Spirit made whole, the owner next chose to support her physically with “Equine Acupuncture Therapy” which was a form of pressure point work not actually involving needles but using a little gadget that stimulated the acupunctures points. I’m a firm believer in supporting the whole Mind/Body/Spirit being.

She grew up beautifully and fulfilled the dreams her owner had for her.

Shamanic Pet Healing
Might Be The Answer

When Medicine or Pet Psychology haven't helped completely, Shamanic Pet Healing can be a vital part of healing for animals that have suffered physical or emotional trauma. When everything you have done for your beloved pet just doesn’t seem to help it get well, Shamanic Pet Healing, acting on the Soul level, may be just what your pet needs.


A Shamanic Pet Healer is not intended to replace sound medical diagnosis and treatment. When your pet needs help, please seek the advice of your Veterinarian. Shamanic Pet Healing acts on the Spirit or Soul level and may just be the extra help your pet can use.

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