In-depth Workshops in Shamanism
Help You Develop
A Deeper Understanding of Shamanic Practice

The In-Depth workshops in Shamanism offer serious students of shamanism a chance to go very deeply into the shamanic journey and healing practices. At each class we explore a specific aspect of shamanism, broaden our knowledge of shamanism and Non-Ordinary Reality and learn healing methods.

This group of experienced shamanic practitioners has been meeting since 2006 and has created a warm community of loving friends in the Work. AND we are open to meeting new people interested in practicing the techniques of shamanism and expanding their knowledge of Non-Ordinary Reality and the Self.

Vision Far into You Spirit

For In-Depth Shamanism work, it is helpful for students to have a foundation in the basics of journeying to both the Upper and Lower Worlds and to have a relationship with several helping spirits. However, beginners are welcome at all meetings with help given to those who may need a little more explanation.

These two-hour classes offer both instruction in journeying and shamanic healing and practical experience. We always begin with creating Sacred Space and drumming to call the Spirits.

Bring a drum and rattle if you have one, a notebook and a bandanna.

Basic training in the techniques of safe journeying are offered in Workshops or in private sessions. New classes will be posted as available. Contact me for private training or if interested in joining a workshop.

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