Shamanic Healing
Restores Balance And Harmony
To Your Spirit
Empowering You
To Experience The Joy Of Life

The ancient shamanic healing modalities are common to indigenous people around the world.

Humans began searching for ways to heal their minds, bodies and spirits thousands of years ago and the following techniques are found throughout indigenous and ancient societies:

  • Divination
  • Restoring Power
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction Healing
  • Psychopomp Healing
  • Journeys

As a shamanic practitioner I work with my personal spirit helpers to assist you in making the changes that you are seeking. The techniques help the spirit body to become strong, centered and clear of any foreign energy.

The process works on the Spirit or Energy Body. As harmony is restored, the Mind/Body/Spirit complex may shift into a healthier state.

What’s Bugging You?
Are You Stuck In A Rut?
Need To Be Free Of The Past?
Seeking Your Spiritual Power?

Photo by Roland Young

Welcome to Your Adventure in Shamanic Healing! Here’s what you may expect.

We begin with Divination to discover what your spirit needs to be whole and healthy. The answers come from your spirit helpers and angels. I contact them in a shamanic journey.

During this session we ask lots of questions as to what is going on energetically and how best to restore balance to your spirit.

Power Retrieval or Restoring Power is healing that puts your spiritual team in place. It takes a team to support a human on earth, and when that team is absent or not able to help you, you may feel “power-less”.

The Soul Retrieval healing returns lost spiritual energy to your Mind/Body/Spirit so that you can feel whole, healthy and fully present. During times of stress or trauma, a part of the soul may split off taking away some of the suffering so that we may continue living. You’ve heard of people just “not being the same” after a traumatic event. This indicates potential soul loss.

Extraction Healing techniques are used to clear energies from the spirit that have come in from outside sources. These are called spirit intrusions as they intrude, or get stuck, into our aura or spirit body.

Psychopomp Healing works to remove spirits from your space that may be interfering with your energy personally or haunting a building or property. Psychopomp means “a guide for the dead”. I believe that dead people need help, too. So let’s get them out of your space.

When You Feel
Whole and Harmonious
Grab the Reins And Take Control
Of Your Spiritual Healing

The Guided Inner Journey is a way for you to continue exploring behaviors or beliefs that you would like to change after your spirit comes into harmony. The guided journey helps you to become aware of the underlying causes of your issues and to begin to make the changes you would like to see.

The Shamanic Journey can be learned and employed to deepen your relationship with your Spiritual Guidance and continue your personal empowerment. My intent is for you to become self-sufficient in getting your own answers to the challenges of life.

Animals Benefit from Shamanic Healing

As I began offering healing for people, my friends started asking me if I could work on their pets. What I discovered was that a Shamanic Pet Healer can do the same healing modalities for animals as for humans. Animals experience trauma in similar ways to humans at the spirit level. Check out the Pet Healing page for examples of Shamanic Pet Healing.

Zipper and Sky

Shamanic Healing Package

The Shamanic Healing Package has more information about creating your own healing program and about my fee structure. Please feel free to contact me with your questions.

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