Welcome to My Office

Welcome to a tour through my Healing Office at Middle Way Health. The staff and I have created a healing environment through Shamanic Healing, Psychotherapy, Dream Life Designing, Qigong, and Biofeedback. Middle Way Health is a great place to begin your healing journey.

My Healing room is nick named the Santa Fe Room.

You will be surrounded by beautiful art and peaceful images.

I can be a little silly, too!

Doing Extraction Healing I often use the Siberian Eye curtain and the rattle.

Photos of our Staff

Stephen Bryant Walker, LMFT, Owner and Vision Holder of Middle Way Health offers Psychotherapy, Biofeedback and Spiritual Guidance through Lion's Roar Dharma Center.

Sue Marshall, CCHT, RBT, CMT, offers Hypnotherapy and a variety of great classes for clients and hypnotherapists.

Biofeedback is offered by Stephen Bryant Walker to help you relieve stress or pain and find that place of harmony.

Robert Nakashima offers weekly Qigong classes.

Thank you for taking this tour of my office and colleagues. We are here for you. I invite you to check out their websites, too, and call me or the Middle Way Health number 916-492-9007 for more information.

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