Extraction Healing
Removes Energetic Intrusions
That Enter the Spirit
From Outside

Extraction Healing sounds a bit like pulling a tooth! That’s pretty close. In the shamanic state of consciousness, the healer with the aid of a Spirit Ally, can see and feel intrusions ~ “energies” that are not a part of you ~ in your spirit body. The Ally the healer works with is an expert at finding and removing intrusions. The Spirit Expert, merged with the shamanic practitioner, will guide the healing process.

Cursing or Angry Intent
May Send Out
Energetic Intrusions

How do we get these intrusions? Have you ever been yelled at or cursed at and actually felt physically affected or energetically beat up by the experience? To me it feels like getting hit by a ball of negativity that feels overwhelming and very physical. The words with this kind of power jet right out of the mouth of the sender creating an energy form that has the ability to “get into us” on the spiritual level. This form of energy is an intrusion. Intrusions are not whole spirits, ghosts or entities.

As kids we may have sung:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words will never hurt me!”

However, we all know that the nasty words of bullies did hurt. They seemed to stay with us somehow making us feel bad or sick to our stomachs with emotional hurt. With mind over matter and the above little mantra, we could suppress our feelings and get past the pain. But the intrusions remain.

In the shamanic paradigm, and in my personal experience in working with people, those energetic hurts still show up in the spirit body days, months or years after the incident. During the extraction healing I can often get information from the intrusion as to where it came from or what was happening at the time you picked it up. The information is interesting; however, removing the intrusions is the goal of the healing session. When they come out, our spirit body can find its own harmony and balance.

As you begin to understand this information, how you use your words takes on importance on many levels. We have seen this beautifully illustrated in the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

What Can I Expect
From Extraction Healing?


When you come to me for shamanic healing, the Spirit Allies may recommend an Extraction Healing for you during the Divination journey. I will then have you recline in a comfortable recliner or on a couch. You need only be receptive to healing, listen and be aware of the process. I will alter my awareness using my rattle or drum, call on my Spirit Helper and together we will proceed to lift the intrusions out of your aura or spirit body. The intrusions are contained and disposed of with the help of my Spirit Ally. They are not allowed to bounce around and stick to anyone else.

The result of removing the intrusions is that your spirit is no longer using energy to deal with them. Your energy, your aura, will then be clear and free to fill in the spaces formerly occupied by the intrusions with your spirit energy. The freedom your spirit now has to “move about as it should” often allows healing to occur in the emotional and physical bodies as well. A Soul Retrieval may also be recommended by the Spirits to help you to be whole and filled with your personal power and spirit.

One example: I had a friend who was having continuous problems with his left shoulder. It would feel sore and ache more or less all the time. After having the intrusions removed from the shoulder, he began to feel the pain ease up. The shoulder then began to heal instead of being constantly a bother.

All Extraction Healing work is done on the spiritual level in Non-Ordinary Reality and may or may not have an effect on the physical body. Many people report feeling better overall, being less frustrated and irritable and being able to move past old patterns with little effort.

I offer Extraction Healing as a form of spiritual healing to supplement your regular health care and recommend that you continue to see an appropriate Health Care Practitioner for any physical or mental/emotional conditions that you may have.

Please feel free to contact me with any question you may have about Shamanic Healing.

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