Shaman Camp 2013

Shaman Camp 2013 was a time in Nature enjoyed by Shamanic Practitioners who regularly journey together.  We hold Camp to work closely with the Spirits of Nature and to have a lot of fun. Here we share our fun with you.

View of the American River Gorge on the way to Camp.

A Sacred Bear - actually a rattle!  We even saw a real baby bear briefly on this trip and were not able to get the camera out fast enough.

Time staring at the primal Fire every evening.

The Orbs come to the Fire to join us.

Afternoon spent at a fantasy land swimming hole.

This is wonderful!

Trout at the swimming hole. No we won't tell you where this is. Sorry.

The Professor at Hell Hole Reservoir.

Such a Peaceful place to journey or meditate.

Judy during an evening journey at the river near Camp.

This Photograph by Frank Stork.

All other photographs by Judy Lynn Taylor.

Hope you enjoyed our album!

You are invited to Camp next year.

See also 2008 and 2009.

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