Soul Retrieval
Helps You Move Forward
With Life and Feel Energized

Soul Retrieval helps with symptoms of:

  • Feeling apathetic about life
  • Feeling empty inside
  • Feeling spaced out or Out-of-Body
  • Feeling “down in the dumps” or depressed
  • Struggling with addictions

When your spirit has experienced the loss of a bit of itself, “You” are literally not all here. Your body needs you fully present in the Now in order to be healthy. Your emotional body needs you fully present or you might keep re-running old, unresolved experiences – your emotions tied up in the past. Your spirit body needs you whole in order to fend off energetic intrusions from others.

Soul Retrieval helps to restore harmony to your spirit so that you can be fully present, strong and filled with life!

From Holes
To Whole

Soul Retrieval is the return of pure soul energy that has split off from you at a time of trauma or injury.

That “soul stuff” doesn’t usually return on its own leaving gaps or holes in your spirit body. A spirit with holes is not whole and will not have the power to support life fully.

In our tribal days, the shaman would regularly perform healing for the members of the community, and their lost soul energy would be restored. We don’t keep up on spiritual healing in this day and age so that just about everyone has some level of soul loss.

My Power Animal
And I Work Together
For Your Healing

I will journey with the aid of a Power Animal who is an expert soul tracker. Together we find the soul parts, learn a little about their story, and bring them back to you. The soul parts then become integrated with you in the present and are welcomed home.

One to three soul parts are retrieved bringing back the energy that is most important for you now. Often the soul part will appear as the age at which it left. You may have heard people say: “I got a 3-year old and a 10-year old soul part returned at my healing.” That is the soul giving you information.

What does not come back is the trauma experienced at the time of soul loss. Your pure energy is returned. The power in the healing is in having your soul restored and made whole.

The Time To Heal
Is Now

If you have never had a Soul Retrieval, I would suggest having one now. For those who keep up on their spiritual healing, having occasional sessions with a shamanic practitioner, I recommend having one after trauma or injury ~ emotional or physical ~.

When you experience any of the above symptoms, it’s a good time to have one.

I perform Soul Retrieval by appointment. I love working directly with my clients; however, there is no time or distance in Non-Ordinary Reality so I can do the journey successfully at a distance.

To Make An Appointment
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Further Reading On Soul Retrieval

For more information about Soul Retrieval I'd like to recommend the book

Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman

Sandra was my teacher of this healing form, and I recommend her both as a teacher and as an author.

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