Power Retrieval Helps Restore Harmony
By Reconnecting You
With Your Power Animal

Power Retrieval may be the first shamanic healing performed when the Divination Journey shows that no Power Animal is Present. This type of healing is also called Power Restoration.

Power Animal Allies
Share Their Power With Us

Our Power Animals inform and guide us by sharing their unique powers with us. When they leave, for whatever reason, we may find that we feel off balance, out of sorts or clumsy. Little accidents may happen from time to time, or we may just get plain frustrated with life.

An example of a Power Animal helping a person might be: Wolf ~ Wolf has unique qualities such as:

  • Ability to live in groups
  • Power of communication within those groups
  • Interacting with family – knowing the pecking order
  • Tracking – finding things
  • Joy to be on Earth

These are just a few Wolf qualities from my experience and by no means a total list.

With Wolf as an Ally or Helping Spirit, you would find communication and setting boundaries within your family group or office group improved. You’d be able to “track” ideas, projects, or discoveries easily. You’d find your love of being in nature and your joy to be on Earth increased. Perhaps you’d go outside more often or go camping, picnicking or to the park. You might feel more balanced between work and play.

Sometimes Our Power Animals
Show Up as Animals We Love

Power Retrieval Healing
Performed As Sacred Ceremony

To perform the Power Retrieval, I journey with the client present or at a distance. First we create a Sacred Space to do our work. Then with the help of one of my Power Animals – an expert tracker – your Power Animal is found and returned to you. Then you can begin to interact with your Power Animal Ally to heal your spirit and bring balance back into your life.

We may do a Shamanic Journey or Guided Journey so that you can meet and dialogue with your Power Animal. You may create a way and a time to have a relationship with your Ally so that your bond is strengthened and your relationship becomes permanent.

Power Restoration is a gentle and sweet Shamanic Healing modality based on the experience of Shamans over thousands of years. It appears in the Shamanic Tradition of many cultures past and present and is being taught and practiced more and more today. Power Restoration is a part of my Shamanic Healing practice and one of the tools we can use to help restore balance and harmony to your Spirit.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about Power Restoration. Call or e-mail to set up an appointment.

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