Divination Reveals
The Story Your Spirit
Wants To Tell

Divination Is Where We Begin

By dictionary definition: Divination is the act or art of discovering by supernatural or intuitive means that which is hidden or unknown.

In the shamanic paradigm, this means that we take a look at a person, animal or property at the Spirit level. What is going on with them in Non-Ordinary Reality? Many “spiritual conditions” could be present that when corrected can bring balance to the Mind/Body/Spirit complex.

Many people are familiar with “intuitive readings” offered by psychics. Psychics gain their information in a variety of ways that I have no idea about as this is not my experience.

Shamanic Divination entails the practitioner entering the “shamanic state of consciousness”, connecting with their personal Spirit Allies and the Allies of the client and then obtaining information that will be helpful for the client and will guide the practitioner in the healing process.

All answers and information I give you come from your Spirit Allies or Helpers. The Spirits tell me or show me what it is that you need to hear. I don’t do anything by myself.

A Divination Session
Gives You A Roadmap
Of the Best Healing For You

Why can’t you just skip this step to save money and do a Soul Retrieval when that’s what you want anyway?

First: This “reading” type of session gives me direction straight from your Helping Spirits as to what is best for you at this time. Without it we are poking in the dark for what to do and may waste time with little result.

Second: You may not need a Soul Retrieval – though that is rare. You’re not going to benefit from something that you don’t need.

Third: The Spirits will suggest a particular order for the healing process. This order is for your benefit as your Spirits have an overall view that we don’t have. Also, if an entity is present with you, it will need to be moved out first.

Entities (ghosts and other forms) get in the way of your healing. Basically, they will stop me “dead in my tracks” from doing your healing. Even the “nice” ones are a drain on your personal energy and have no business connecting with you. See Psychopomp Healing

What You Can Expect
When You Sit With Me
For A Divination Session

I will sit in front of the client, cover my eyes with a bandanna and use a rattle. Covering my eyes helps me to “see” in Non-Ordinary Reality. The rattle sound helps me to enter the shamanic state of consciousness.

The “shamanic state of consciousness” is a term coined by Michael Harner in his book "The Way of the Shaman". It is the altered state shamans enter to do their work.

Next I invite your Spirit to join me in a sacred space where we can do our work. I observe how your Spirit presents itself, who your Spirit Helpers, Power Animals, and Teachers are and how they help you. Then together we begin to ask questions about what you need to know and what healing needs to happen.

This “Roadmap” is important to your healing as it gives me the instructions and information I need to be of service to you. All you need do is be present and willing to heal.

Divination Can Also Be Done
At A Distance Over The Phone
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