Psychopomp Healing Helps
Restore Balance To
Your Spirit By
Moving “Other” Spirit Forms
Out of Your Personal Space

Psychopomp Healing is basically moving any spirits that are in your personal space or property on to a place where they may receive the help and healing that they require. Psychopomp is a Greek word meaning “guide for the dead.”

It sounds a little strange at first and may bring up Hollywood’s portrayal of people possessed by evil demons and priests dressed in black performing exorcism rituals. Slow down there! Let’s talk about the facts only from my personal experience as I’ve been doing Psychopomp work and entity healing for over 10 years.

First: Yes! Spirit possession or attachment to people or property actually does exist in the modern world from the shamanic perspective. We like to think if you don’t see them, they can’t exist. Right? That’s one perspective. My experience is that trained shamanic practitioners, psychics and mediums do see them. What then?

How Do I Know
If I Need
A Psychopomp Healing?

Symptoms may include:

  • Feeling your life is out of control.
  • Feeling exhausted all the time.
  • Feeling pushed into doing the wrong thing.
  • Hearing orders from a voice in your head.
  • Feeling emotions that don’t seem to be yours.
For property it may include:
  • The property feels creepy.
  • The property won’t sell.
  • Strange things happen like doors opening or blinds moving.
  • Animals seem to be looking at invisible things. (Cats are good at this.)
  • Accidents happen there more than usual.
Sometimes the above symptoms that a Psychopomp Healing is needed are not present, however, a person is just plain frustrated and fatigued.

When I perceive an entity with a client, removing it is the first healing done. I rarely proceed with an entity in place. It may interfere from the first moment we sit for the Divination Session by blocking my view of your spirit. When a spirit wants to be heard, I feel a tightening around my throat and a need to clear it. Because I have experience as a medium, I have other physical clues that a spirit entity is present. I often back these up by checking with a pendulum.

Clearing the Entity
Frees Your Spirit
To Be Whole And Healthy

Moving a spirit entity on to a place where it can receive healing and go on with its life is the role of the Shaman Psychopomp. The entity will actually become the “client” for a brief time while I work with it to move it on to a place of light and healing. The spirit entity deserves the chance to rest, heal and evolve moving on to another life experience just like anyone else. Psychopomp healing gives it a chance for new a life.

We do not “cast out” the spirit allowing it to attach to someone else. I offer all spirits the help and compassion that I offer to my “physical” clients. The spirits are re-connected with a loved one in the spiritual realms so that they will be cared for and not return to you or your home or pet.

Once an entity is gone, we will perform a Soul Retrieval to bring back any lost soul parts that can help you to feel whole and fully present. When your Spirit is whole, there will be no holes for entities to get into. Then we can proceed with any other healing that your Spirits have suggested for you.

For more about Psychopomp Healing, spirit entities, Psychopomp work and examples of my work, see More About Spirit Entities.

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